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Welcome, friend! We’re excited to offer these free resources for aspiring and current group teachers like you.

At KeyNotes we believe in the power of collaboration. 

Our resources and lesson plans are designed to create collaborative learning experiences where students learn the same thing at the same time, allowing them to motivate and inspire one another as they progress and grow.

We have taken some of our favourite group teaching topics for you to browse over at your leisure.
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5 Absolute Musts for your Group Piano Lessons

In this free training workbook, you will find out the 5 essential elements that should be included in EVERY group piano lesson. This is packed full of teacher training nuggets and tasks for you to deep dive into your own practice!

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New to Group Piano? 

This eBook takes you through the key foundations for setting up your group piano lessons, from why you should do it, to where and how you should teach it! Download our free and super useful eBook to get you started on YOUR group piano lessons!

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